Peace is a demand and an urgent need, aspiring to reach all human societies in all its configurations, an issue that is of interest to all countries. It is the fundamental pillar in its growth and development. Its realization has become the concern of many leaders, organizations and international alliances around the world. Conflicts and conflicts. The Concept of Peacebuilding The concept of peace building refers to the identification and support of structures, while these structures are the task of consolidating and activating peace and enabling it not to be dragged into new conflicts and not to be repeated again. This has led to the emergence of preventive diplomacy, And to work together, permanently and clearly, to solve the difficulties and dilemmas faced by the individual, whether human, cultural, social or even economic, the fact that these problems or one of the main reason for the outbreak of wars and conflicts throughout history. Building lasting peace in war-torn societies is among the most daunting of challenges for global peace and security. Peacebuilding requires sustained international support for national efforts across the broadest range of activities – monitoring ceasefires; demobilizing and reintegrating combatants; assisting the return of refugees and displaced persons; helping organize and monitor elections of a new government; supporting justice and security sector reform; enhancing human rights protections and fostering reconciliation after past atrocities.