1 The concept of family planning does not include:

  • 1Access to reproductive health information and services

  • 2Encourage abortion

  • 3Use contraceptives

  • 4Infertility treatment

2 Family planning does not achieve sustainable development goals

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3 Family planning includes

  • 1Preventing couples from procreating

  • 2Increased mortality and disability caused by complications of pregnancy and childbirth

  • 3Increased Abortions for Unwanted Pregnancy

  • 4Couples choose whether they want to have children or not

4 Complications resulting from pregnancy and childbirth are the first killer of adolescent girls

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5 Access to contraceptive information is central to achieving gender equality

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6 One common reason why women do not use contraception

  • 1Easy travelling to health facilities or supplies running out at health clinics

  • 2Non-opposition by partners, families or communities

  • 3having incorrect perceptions about the health risks of modern contraceptive methods

  • 4knowing what contraceptive methods are available

7 male and female condoms do not provide protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

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