Stigma and discrimination are concepts that are put in the social context, although one may fail to achieve the main difference between the two words, some people in society are stigmatized for various reasons, it can be due to illness such as in the case of HIV or act like a conviction in a felony, once the individual is stigmatized, it can also be discriminated against, this includes individual maltreatment or difference in treatment. The main difference between stigma and discrimination is: Where it stems mainly from discrimination involving treatment and stigma involving the act in relation to the person. Their association with HIV is markedly significant Where the World Health Organization (WHO) points out that stigmatization and discrimination against people living with HIV have not yet been eradicated And those exposed to the risk of infection are spread to varying degrees in the territory of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean. Stigma and discrimination continue to be a major obstacle to people's access to health care. According to WHO, discrimination and stigma associated with HIV are defined as: A process of wasting the dignity of people living with HIV and stigma followed by discrimination and unfair treatment of an individual based on his or her real or perceived HIV infection, Stigma and discrimination are identified as one of the greatest challenges to tackling HIV infection. And are a major barrier to high quality services Healthcare providers. HIV-related discrimination and stigma has devastating effects in many ways and can affect the demand for HIV preventive services, including the testing and services of counseling, programs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and the fear of being exposed to partners and individuals Family or delay in their openness, inadequate care and support, Such as postponing treatment and care, or refusing to benefit people living with HIV or even preference Travel outside communities for medical and preventive care because of fear of breach of confidentiality and exposure to negative attitudes from healthcare providers. Source: World Health Organization Defining stigma and discrimination. World Health Organization Stigma and discrimination and their association with HIV